The dolphin presentation

The ambassadors of the seas in action in an emotional performance portraying charm, liveliness and skills within a magical and pleasant environment.

At our Dolphinarium visitors are delighted with the intelligence of these amazing creatures and leave the Park with a deeper appreciation for the marine mammals.

Swim with the dolphin

A chance of a lifetime experience, full of excitement, great emotions and more!

A unique opportunity to have an exclusive close encounter where you interact, within a contained group of persons, with bottlenose dolphins under the guidance and supervision of our professional Carers.

Clients must:

  • Be not younger than 8 years old
  • Confident in deep water
  • Ladies cannot be  pregnant
  • Be able to understand instructions clearly and move comfortably in the water in order to ensure their enjoyment of the activity whilst safeguarding their safety, the safety of the animals as well as that of the Animal Carers and the other participants.
  • Remove all jewellery, piercings,earings,necklace, bracelets,watches and loose items before going into the water
  • Remove alle kinds of video cameras, gopro cameras
  • Remove all kinds of contact lenses, glasses,spectacle,headbands

The dolphin interactive programme

The Dolphin Interaction Programme provides an unforgettable dry encounter within a small group with bottlenose dolphins. During this 15 minute programme, participants will be allowed to touch dolphins and learn hand signals used to communicate with them. This programm will be guided by a professional animal carer and brings you close to dolphins without getting into the water.


  • Must be at least 6 years of age
  • Price includes also entrance fee and daily presentations