Bird&Turtle feeding programme

The park management wishes to advise all its visitors that there are feeding times and sessions available, whereby one can actively participate to feeding our Birds and, or  our  Water Turtles.

You may purchase  (one) 1 Euro envelopes of bird seeds and, or Water Turtles food pellets from the entrance shop  and then meet the Animal Carer(s) nearby the Aviary or Water Turtle pond at the following times:


Water Turtles by the Water Turtle Pond

From 12.00 to 12.30

Various Birds at the Aviary Entrance

From 12.30 to 13.00


The feeding is managed allocating the proper amount of food each of these animals consumes daily.  This means that there is a limit on the amount of food to be given to these animals on a daily basis. Thus it is recommended you secure your food envelope purchase well before the times indicated not to be disappointed as only a limited amount of envelopes are  made available daily.  Visitors must strictly wait for the times indicated and participate in the feeding with the guiding presence of the Animal Carer(s) ONLY.

Turtle feeding is not available during the Winter period.